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My laptop died...
Curry, I mean Xk can you please check if anyone you know is on a server before you leave it because you just were on cf and you left.
Curry is now gone, I would like to be known as Xk from now on and, trust me, I wont be as nice as before...
what is the old ip of this server
Hey hey
baileyajayi LEGENDSoz, I was meant to post, why cant I join the server? always lags out, anyone else having this problem? Can u reload the server please?
TheEpicAlmaz   Yea sorry, I'll fix
baileyajayi LEGEND  thanks Epic, you're the best
baileyajayi LEGEND
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baileyajayi LEGENDNews:

Griefed and stole someones base in factions (its allowed)

It was my faction all along, and they thought I was their friend xD

Number 1 griefer
Number 1 raider
Richest on the serverrr
baileyajayi LEGENDalso my money, I had 1.27 million
baileyajayi LEGENDEpic, can I say on the server, I had an AMAZING base with AMAZING things set as my home, can you get all that back please?
baileyajayi LEGENDEpic, why do you decline my apps even after rob told you the truth?
XxMine_KingxX   joined Unlimited Epicness
TheEpicAlmazHey everyone, Just a reminder to tell me any suggestions, bugs, glitches or ANYTHING to do with the server, It would be greatly appreciated. You can tell me either on the forums, this chat box thingy or send me a PM.
Also please Don't forget to vote for the server because voting really helps the server get more people and also gets you rewards.
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darkdungeon95 LEGENDI miss you guys, ill visit this server once in a while
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jarry10   joined Unlimited Epicness
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