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New server is up!

Ganja_Boy Admin posted Jul 8, 14

IP: play.minebros.net

Join now to play!


Ganja_Boy Admin posted Jun 30, 14
As mentioned in my last post when I became owner of Unlimited Epicness I had plans of re-branding the network. All this essentially means is that the server will be given a new name and the IP will change. All the worlds are being carried over and players should keep their ranks.

So without further ado...

The new name of Unlimited Epicness is: MineBros

I will announce the new IP when everything is ready! This should be no longer than 48 hours. A new website is also being made but this may take a little bit longer.

baileyajayi LEGEND Ganja, hurry up!
baileyajayi LEGEND Ganja, can you please hurry up the server? Ive been playing on this server when it first opened, and can't wait to ...
Ganja_Boy Admin It will be up later this week. I wish you guys had rejoined earlier though because all the servers were online when I fi...

New Owner & Huge Changes

Ganja_Boy Admin posted Jun 28, 14
Hello players,

As the new owner of Unlimited Epicness I believe an overhaul of this server is long overdue. I pledge to make this server Epic again, but in order to do so there are some major changes that need to be made. Here I have compiled a short list of just some of the changes I have planned:

  • Complete overhaul of the website.
  • Complete Rebranding/Server name change.
  • A New Hub.
  • Major Improvements to the Factions server.
  • The network will be moved from the current VPS to a Dedicated server to improve performance.

I can also confirm that all current people who have donated will be able to keep their rank and the following servers will be kept: Factions, Parkour, Skywars, Creative. I am also open to any suggestions so if you have one please make a post in the forum.

I hope everyone sticks around as we have an exciting future ahead of us and from now on things are only going to improve. :)

Kind Regards,

balloonergunman And why doesnt it say my rank
balloonergunman It wont let me load the server even wit the new IP
baileyajayi LEGEND Ok, just don't take away my Legend rank!


TheEpicAlmaz posted Jun 28, 14

Hello Unlimited Epicness, I am sorry to say that I will no longer be the owner of Unlimited Epicness. I have given away the server to Ganja_boy because I do no longer have the time, money and dedication for the server.

Unlimited Epicness started on the 10th of August 2013. It started with a $2 plan with 500 mb’s of ram. When I first posted Unlimited Epicness on the server list I had tons of people come help me build a first spawn. Robisgreat10 got chosen for Co-Owner and other staff members were chosen too. Shortly after we got griefed, two players built a new spawn but sadly it got griefed again. Finally other players helped build a spawn, It is still the spawn up in survival. At that time there was only one server with survival mode. One month later I received the first donation of $10, without that donation the server wouldn’t exist. Donations kept rolling in and we slowly transitioned to a hub server, not the kind we have today, we had just one server with multiple worlds on it. I gradually upgraded the ram of the server and the server just kept growing, multiple griefers came on and tried to destroy it but they failed. On December 2013 we had 25 players on at peak times and we rarely had less than two players on at any time. And then came the biggest mistake, I decided to convert the server to bungeecord. There was about a month of downtime and some people just thought the server had closed. On the first week of converting to bungeecord there were 3 people on at peak times. I gradually added servers but only added half of what worlds there were before because of my laziness. After I transitioned to bungeecord I received one donation over four months when normally I received 3 donations per month. It was struggling, it’s still struggling now and I hope the new owner can revive it.

I will no longer be the owner of Unlimited Epicness but I will still be playing minecraft and trying learning java to develop minecraft plugins.

Ganja_boy will be the new owner of Unlimited Epicness, he will probably change the name, add some more plugins and just make the server a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

If anyone has any questions please private message me or comment below.


Thanks to the following people in no particular order:

Rob – For being a great Co-Owner when we started the server

Smichastine – For being a helpful staff member and giving me ideas.

Mboyles – For being a helpful staff member and giving me some ideas

Nico – For being a really active moderator

Kurre – For being a really active and amazing moderator.

Anxiouswreck – For being the first one to donate

TheUnknownCptn – For being a great user

OverpoweredGod – For being an amazing moderator

Moodogs11 – For being one of the most active people on the server.

Dogs_rule_wolf – For being one of the most active people on the server.

There are tons more people that I forgot to mention, sorry If I did not mention you.

Goodbye Unlimited Epicness.

Amy i has miss u
Zeffendorphe Helper *cries* You were awesome, we're going to miss ya Almaz.
baileyajayi LEGEND Epic ;( But....... Goodbye man, Ill always remember you
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